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A student class visiting Cerakote Hong Kong office for Certified Applicator Training



For absolute beginners who want to quickly learn the basics and start spraying for personal use, our Basic Experience Program (BEP) offers 5 hours of quick theory followed by hands-on application training.  Students will learn how to prepare parts, mix and spray H and C series in solid colors, and learn how to use the resources of the Cerakote website for self-help.

This is a non-certificate course and attendees will not be listed on as a certified applicator.  It is targeted to those who want to use Cerakote for personal use.  We share many tips and tricks not freely available on the internet.

Duration: 5 Hours

Language: English, Putonghua, Cantonese

Audience: Personal, Company

No. of Students: 2 PAX

Price: USD 800



A certification training course covering all required skills to provide Cerakote spraying services professionally.  Coursework covers 4 hours of theory, followed by hands-on application training spraying H, E, and C series solid colors, and a range of clear coats.  Special techniques including pattern spraying, camouflaging, FX will be covered briefly as well, with more detailed coursework available in our Advanced Techniques Training class.  Certified applicators will be listed on the official Cerakote website's Dealer Locator.

Duration: 1.5 Days

Language: English, Putonghua, Cantonese

Audience: Company only

No. of Students: 3 PAX

Price: USD 2200



Advanced training builds upon everything covered during CFT and dives deeper into specific areas that the student can choose from.  This class prepare s the student to handle more complex projects.  Coursework includes Camouflaging, Distressing, Logo & Pattern application, Laser patterning, specialty coatings like V series & Super Grip, color mixing, advanced visual techniques, and more.   Exact coursework can be discussed and agreed upon prior to beginning the class.  Attendees do not need to be CFT graduates.

Duration: 1 Day

Language: English, Putonghua, Cantonese

Audience: Personal, Company

No. of Students: 2

Price: USD 1800



We are the only Cerakote Certifying Training school in Asia.  Our training programs are available year-round.  Simply inquire with us on available dates to make a booking.  All training fees are to be paid before the class starts unless previously arranged otherwise.  Maximum number of simultaneous students allowed to attend each class is strictly adhered to so that students can get sufficient hands-on spraying time.  For the CFT program, each student will receive a certificate issued in the name of the applying company, which will then be listed on the official Cerakote website's Dealer Locator as an official applicator.

Classes are conducted in our training facility in Hong Kong.  On site training is possible at extra expenses, although not recommended since you may lack the appropriate equipment for proper training.

Students may bring their own items to spray during class.


To inquire more or to book a time, contact

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