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Cerakote China (Hong Kong) is the exclusive distributor of Cerakote.  In addition to supplying Cerakote to businesses, dedicated applicators and for personal use, we also provide training and support.  We offer certification courses to help you apply Cerakote correctly to achieve its maximum performance.  We have a Cerakote training facility in Hong Kong and we offer certification classes to businesses that want to learn how to use Cerakote. We also offer Cerakote coating application services for small to medium sized projects.  Cerakote China Hong Kong's network of certified applicators located throughout China and Hong Kong can also assist with your projects, with each applicator specializing in a particular area including consumer products, automotive, watches, sporting equipment, bicycles, and much more. If you are interested in using Cerakote for your products, just ask us and we can refer you to the right applicator, or teach you how to apply Cerakote yourself.

Cerakote China & Hong Kong is the official distributor for Cerakote, which is an ultra thing Ceramic Composite coating for metals, plastics, polymers and wood. Cerakote offers superior abrasion & scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, UV stability, high temperature resistance up to 1100 C, in hundreds of colors & clears too.

What We Offer:
- Supply of Cerakote coating, Cerakote automotive kits, coating equipment
- Training & Certification
- Consultancy
- Coating services for products, including watches, bicycles, automotive components, motorcycles, sporting equipment, outdoor fixtures, furniture, office fixtures, bathroom fixtures, and much more

See the full profile of Cerakote China Hong Kong on the official Cerakote website.

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